Here are some documents to learn how we can perform

so easy functions with Arinc Decoder !

1: Modify-Create a procedure

2: Move or create some waypoints in a procedure

3: Creation of a RF leg in a procedure

4: Open / Check and visualize an ATC route on a map

5: Checking the modifications in the Airways of a region

6: Visualize and check an approach before flight

7: Creating a KML file of ALL the airways and all the waypoints in the world.

8: Download the free CIFP files and view them in Arinc Decoder

9. Check and validate a RNP-AR procedure.

10.RAIM outages, How to determine the correct mask angle for an Airport.

11.Create an A424 RNAV Visual approach procedure from ZERO, easily !

12.Full Design of a complex procedure and Arinc 424 coding with RF legs.

13.Checking the modifications in an airport, between 2 cycles in the terminal procedures.

14.Creating a "tailored" SID procedure.

15.Creating an approach for FMS, from a VPT (Visual with Prescribed Track) coding, to help like a RNAV Visual approach).

16.RNP(AR) Verifications for operation approval. Monthly check of your procedures.